Chevin presents Management Reporting Suite at Cannes Fleet Forum

Software specialist, Chevin Fleet Solutions, has unveiled a new fleet management tool, Management Reporting Suite (MRS), at the Cannes Fleet Forum last week.

The new application has been designed to distil operational data collated by Chevin’s web-based fleet management system, FleetWave, into high-level, standardised information. The MRS will then automatically aggregate the data, in real time, to provide graphical evidence direct to the desktop. From the aggregated view, users will then have the ability to drill down and interrogate the data to the most basic level.

Shortlisted for the International Fleet Industry Award 2012, Chevin’s MRS is supposed to offer a new level of management level reporting functionality and provide senior management with the function specific data required to better inform future decision making.

Commenting on the demand for standardised management reporting in an easy-to-access and interrogate format, Chevin’s Managing Director Ashley Sowerby said: “Management personnel are often faced with a deluge of data, presented in multiple formats and from unrelated reports. The typical scenario sees senior management having to wade through a bulk of low level data to find what they need. Data is often presented in a static format, providing little chance for a manager to understand which key performance indicators are improving or deteriorating.

“Further complicating matters, this complex operational data needs to be continually updated to reflect the constant changes and any alterations to the company’s organisational structure and directives, in order to sustain visibility regarding spend, utilisation and compliance.

“The Management Reporting Suite addresses these issues by providing a consistent, automated and function specific reporting process. More than this, the tool is designed in a way which ensures data displayed is both easy to interpret and easy to scrutinise – saving time and promoting more efficient and informed decision making.”

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