German Management Book of the Year Award goes to Detlef Lohmann

According to Detlef Lohmann, Managing Director of German load restraint specialist, Allsafe Jungfalk, consistent client orientation, solution-oriented thinking and efficient quality management are at the core of a modern operation. But, there is one more variable to the formula for success – a feeling of personal accountability.

At Allsafe Jungfalk, Lohmann successfully established a system to personally involve staff into the business and helped the company weather out the GFC unscathed. He waived departmental thinking, lenghty certification processes and a monstrous reporting system to create a lean, fast-acting company.

In “… und mittags geh ich heim” (“… and by lunchtime I’ll be home”, only available in German at the moment), Lohmann now shares the experience of reshuffling a whole business – from the way mail is being delivered to turning around the entire administration system.

The result is an unconventional management book that is refreshingly honest and close to everyday life.

It is no surprise that the book was now awarded German Management Book of the Year at the Frankfurt Book Fair last week.

Read the full review in the upcoming edition of Global Trailer.

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