East European trailer market proving a mixed bag in 2012

A forecast report issued by UK consulting firm Clear shows that heavy trailer demand in Eastern Europe will fall by 11 per cent in 2012 in contrast to last year’s growth of 58 per cent. However, the picture is far from uniform with some countries outperforming expectations whereas others are stuck in the doldrums.

According to Clear CEO, Gary Beecroft, there are a variety of market drivers operating in the region. “Clearly the sluggishness of the West European economy is affecting exports from the east; (and) some countries are suffering from the hangover arising from the 2009 recession,” he said. “Others expanded so rapidly in the period from 2004 to 2008 that they have enough equipment to meet the demand for transport.”

In addition, political instability is affecting consumer and business confidence in a few places, Beecroft added – pointing out that Russia and Turkey will provide most of the growth and most of sales of trailers in the region. Poland and possibly Ukraine will be the other most significant sources of demand. More information in the next edition of Global Trailer.

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