Meritor expands Canadian distribution centre

US suspension specialist Meritor recently completed the expansion of its aftermarket distribution centre in Edmonton, Canada. The 35,000 square-foot (3,250 sqm) centre now stocks a full line of Meritor and Euclid drivetrain and undercarriage products and is supposed to improve service and delivery time to Meritor's western Canadian clientele.

The expansion will also reduce lead times as much as 70 per cent, according to Site Manager, Doug Jamieson. “Our expanded centre in Edmonton enables us to consolidate and expedite a customer’s order for Meritor and Euclid parts into one shipment for faster delivery,” he said.

In addition, the expanded Edmonton facility complements Meritor Logistics, the company’s new third-party multiple logistic services. Meritor recently launched this aftermarket-based, third-party multiple logistics service to improve distribution activities, packaging capabilities and remanufacturing techniques within a given country or an entire continent. 

To support its global aftermarket operation – consisting of warehousing, inventory and distribution processes,  Meritor also operates distribution centers in the United States, Mexico, United Kingdom, Germany, Brazil, Australia, China, Singapore and India. The entire operation serves nearly 6,000 customers globally.

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