Goldhofer unveils ‘Faktor 5’ project

German low loader specialist  Goldhofer recently unveiled the new 'Faktor 5' model at the company's head office in Memmingen, Germany. The high girder bridge can cart five times its own weight. 

Guests from around the globe attended the two-day ceremony, witnessing the official hand-over of the very first 'Faktor 5' vehicle to Thailand-based company Silamas. According to Goldhofer, Silamas' high girder bridge weighs in at 100 tonnes and can boast a payload of 500 tonnes.

To demonstrate the vehicle's potential, the 70m-colossus – based on two self-propelled units of the PST/SL-E type with twelve axle units – had to perform a 90-degree-turn in front of a global audience. 

According to Goldhofer CEO, Stefan Fuchs, the brand's new generation of high girder bridges will achieve payloads ranging from 350 to 650 tonnes. “We were able to combine outstanding technology and maximum cost efficiency. It is a safe, intelligent transport system for many special demands,” he said.

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