ATDynamics to launch TrailerTail technology at IAA 2012

US company ATDynamics has announced that it will launch its TrailerTail aerodynamics technology to the European trucking market at IAA Commercial Vehicle Show 2012 in Hanover, Germany.

“TrailerTail is a proven technology which can be implemented immediately by the international community and we look forward to continued work with trucking fleets, trailer manufacturers, regulators, environmental groups and safety advocates to re-invent the shape of the modern semi-trailer.”

ATDynamics is enters the European market with two TrailerTail products, including a 50-centimetre device called TrailerTail “Eco 50” and the 122-centimetre “Eco 120”. The company is working with European regulators, trailer manufacturers and trucking fleets to ensure the compliance of the TrailerTail products with EU highway regulations.

According to ATDynamics, TrailerTails are designed to streamline the air at the rear flat surface of a semi-trailer, which reduces fuel consumption. They can also collapse automatically when a driver opens the rear doors of a semi-trailer to access cargo using a patented, “origami” folding design. 

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