UK fleet takes Michelin’s tyre pressure advice

Northern Irish haulage firm B.P. McKeefry is hoping to save money on fuel and tyres after taking specialist tyre pressure advice from Michelin.

B.P. McKeefry Director Andy Hare says fuel economy and tyres are key to potential cost savings for the company across its fleet of 100 trucks and 200 trailers. 

“I’m convinced the pressure adjustments recommended by Michelin will contribute to longer tyre life and improved fuel economy,” he said. “We’re trialing the new pressures initially on our southern fleet; if beneficial, we’ll roll them out nationwide.”

Michelin’s technical specialists conducted an axle-weighing exercise on key vehicles in the fleet and recommended fine tuning tyre inflation pressures. Front steer pressures have risen from 120 psi to 130 psi, and drive pressures from 90 psi to 95 psi. Trailer pressures were also raised slightly, from 125 psi to 130 psi. The new inflation pressure settings have been tailored specifically to the vehicle configurations, payloads and type of work being undertaken by the customer.

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