Kässbohrer forms partnership with TGN

Co-operating with Trailer Greop Nederland (TGN), Kässbohrer has recently expanded its operation to the Netherlands, aiming at reaching a market share of 10 per cent over the next two years.

“The Netherlands is an important country for us and the new co-operation will get us closer to our customers here. This is an outstanding step in our one-stop shopping formula,” said Gökhan Vergon, General Manager of Kässbohrer. “The partnership is playing an important role in reaching our 2015 targets with a total sales amount of 15,000 semi-trailers.’’

According to Kässbohrer, the partnership offers “great opportunities” to optimise the purchasing of semi-trailers and trucks alike. Throughout the Netherlands, the TGN service points will be handling all repair and maintenance services on behalf of Kässbohrer so logistics companies have to calculate less time on repair and maintenance.

“With 23 after sales points, we are covering the whole Dutch market,” said Nan Silvis, Commercial Director of TGN, pointing out that the co-operation will ensure there is one central point of contact for sales, repairs and maintenance.

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