BPW to present new ECO range at 2012 IAA in Hanover

Trailer equipment manufacturer, BPW, will unveil its ECO range at the IAA Commercial Vehicles International Trade Fair coming up in September in Hanover, Germany.

The new BPW products will include the ECO Air Composite Tank, ECO Air Compact Running Gear, ECO Turn self-steering axle and ECO Wheel.

According to BPW, the new ECO Air Tank will save up to 60 per cent in weight with the use of reinforced fibreglass plastic (GRP). The tank will be available in three different diameters and from 30 to 120 litres.

BPW says the ECO Air Compact Running Gear is a specially designed trailer axle for use in the nine-tonne on-road segment and is suitable for both disc and drum brakes. It features a newly developed air suspension in conjunction with the new lightweight ECO Air Composite Tank.

The ECO Turn self-steering axle will provide operators with a new type of bearing and will no longer need to be lubricated regularly. The self-steering axle will provide relief for trailers when turning around corners, ensuring that the wheels follow, depending on the curve radius.

Meanwhile, BPW says that besides the new polished surface of the ECO Wheel, the aluminium-forged wheel will be up to 50 per cent lighter than a standard steel wheel. The strength and high safety capacities enables the ECO Wheel to dissipated heat are quicker through the brake and tyres high heat discharge capability.

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