New logistics map product by TomTom

TomTom has launched a new version of its Logistics map product designed specifically for truck and fleet operators. With TomTom Logistics, customers can enjoy increased driver and vehicle safety, improved fleet efficiency and avoid expensive fines, according to the Amsterdam-based company.

“TomTom Logistics enables a safer and more efficient operation of fleet vehicles and powers solutions that demand highly accurate and detailed content,” says Eszter Pattantyus, Vice President of Maps. “By leveraging this precise data, TomTom can help operators of large vehicles avoid striking a low bridge or accruing a large fine for carrying an oversized load.”

The TomTom Logistics product features include dimensional restrictions and designated truck routes and operating bans on idling or jake brake usage, as well as last-mile content required to get a driver to the final destination. The TomTom Logistics feature is based on the standard map product and can be coupled with other TomTom products.

The company plans on delivering revenue of around €1.1 billion and adjusted EPS of around €0.35 in 2012. Group revenue in the second quarter decreased by 17 per cent to €262 million.

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