New air reservoirs for commercial vehicles

Denmark’s HBN Teknik A/S have launched a new air reservoir in composite material for heavy commercial vehicles.

Conventional air reservoirs are constructed in steel and aluminum, whereas the Airflex air reservoir is manufactured in fibreglass reinforced plastic.

According to HBN, the new system can achieve weight reductions of up to 60 per cent compared to existing steel air reservoirs. Weight saving will become particularly important with the introduction of the new Euro 6 engine generation, coming into force in the European Union on 1 September 2014. It has been announced that the new engines will become up to 200 kg heavier due to the after treatment system.

HBN have also announced the new Airflex air reservoir would save up to 61kg on a truck and trailer combination, offering high resistance to damages from corrosion, weathering, chemicals. The cost effective production methodology of the composite air reservoir means lower operating costs for its customers, says HBN

The reservoir can operate in a temperature range of -40°C to plus 80°C and be delivered in a series of lengths and diametres ranging from 40 to 400 mm.

The first official composite air reservoir will be presented together with HBN’s parental company, BPW Bergische Achsen, at the IAA Commercial Vehicle trade fair in Hannover from 20-27 September 2012.

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