Meritor offers instructor-led training courses

US company Meritor is now offering a new in-depth class focusing on the brand’s range of trailer products.

The three-day courses are offered at the Meritor Tech Training Center in Troy, Michigan, and led by the Meritor DriveForce Training. Attendees will receive up-to-date product information and personalised attention from industry experts, who collectively have an average of more than a quarter century of industry and product experience.

“Personalised training sessions are a necessity for effectively educating our customers about the critical technical features of our products,” said Matthew Stevenson, General Manager of Meritor’s DriveForce and Marketing Division. “These detailed courses are a great tool for dealers, fleets and technicians interested in Meritor products and the benefits they provide to fleets.”

In addition, the courses provide a mixture of product basics and hands-on skills training that covers component identification, system operation, preventative maintenance, disassembly, assembly, adjustments, diagnostics and parts failure analysis related to specific products in each course.

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