EU registrations facing sharpest decrease since 2009

New commercial vehicle registrations in Europe continue the downward trend commenced in January. According to the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA), May figures indicate the sharpest decrease since 2009 (-17.8 per cent, compared to May 2011).

The UK was the only market to post growth in the month (+10 per cent), while Germany (-13.6 per cent), France (-22.1 per cent), Spain (-27.4 per cent) and Italy (-42.4 per cent) all recorded double-digit downturns. From January to May, the EU market shrank by 11.8 per cent, compared to the first five months of 2011. The decline ranged from -4 per cent in Germany to -6.2 per cent in the UK, -8.5 per cent in France, -24.8 per cent in Spain and -37.9 per cent in Italy. In total, 735,993 new vehicles were recorded throughout the period.

Individually, the segment of new commercial vehicles over 3.5t grew by 13.44 per cent in May, totaling 25,034 units. Results were negative in Germany (-12.9 per cent), France (-14.4 per cent), Spain (-35.2 per cent) and Italy (-43.9 per cent), while the British market expanded by 20.8%. From January to May, new truck registrations were down 5.7% in the EU*. Among the major markets, the British was the only one to post growth (+24.6 per cent), while the French (-3.2 per cent), German (-5.4 per cent), Spanish (-24.2 per cent) and Italian (-31.9 per cent) all contracted. In total, 125,145 new trucks were registered.

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