Meritor redesigns mobile laboratory trailer

US axle and suspension specialist Meritor recently redesigned its Vehicle Dynamics mobile laboratory, enabling the company to test various products and capabilities on the road.

The “Vehicle Dynamics” laboratory is able to test Meritor's SMARTandem® axle, tire inflation systems and drum and air disc brake development on both truck and trailer; as well as adaptive damping systems for off-highway seats, bus and fire truck suspensions and military applications.

“Meritor’s remote testing capabilities are critical to product development,” says Tim Burns, vice president and general manager, Defense & Specialty, Meritor. ”The lab allows us to provide on-site support at US Government and independent test sites across North America. The lab’s vehicle test data acquisition capability reduces development time by allowing immediate optimisation of ride and handling characteristics so we can tune the products to best fit real-world environments.”

Meritor’s Vehicle Dynamics laboratory is outfitted with advanced chassis development equipment including two shock dynamometers, a 50-ton press, a coil spring compressor for oversized military high-rate springs, a large wet bench and alignment equipment. It also has video equipment for documentation and is connected directly to the company’s Development Center in Troy, Mich. through a wireless network.

“This direct link allows data transmission back and forth for additional analysis by the vehicle dynamics and controls teams. The information is correlated on the full vehicle simulator in the Troy test lab, which further proves product performance and capabilities,” explains Simon Dean, senior director, Advanced Engineering & Electronics, Meritor. “Combined with our technical expertise in Troy, the lab’s vehicle test data acquisition capability allows us to deliver the most advanced products with world-class quality while meeting the needs of our customers.”

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