Meritor enhances customer support with new technologies

US brand Meritor has launched an enhanced second-generation Meritor Mobile application and a new web portal called the Meritor BullPen.

“Meritor’s BullPen and Meritor Mobile offer our customers two innovative technology solutions to easily access Meritor product and training information,” says Matthew Stevenson, General Manager, North American Field Operations and Marketing, Meritor. “These tools serve as an extension to our field sales and service organization, Meritor DriveForce™, and help deliver high quality customer support.”

The Meritor BullPen is a web portal designed for dealers, fleets and service garages to access Meritor’s product information and training in one central location. Users will have access to more than 1,000 documents including product presentations, sales literature, product videos and photos, service bulletins, parts books, web-based training, Meritor on the Move (MOTM), a Meritor Mobile application link for easy downloading, Meritor and industry news, and more.

Meritor Mobile, a sales and service information application for the Apple iPad, has been enhanced in its second generation to offer users “real-time” updates, the capability to customize content by selecting from seven applicable Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) brands, and the ability to email content stored within the application.

The Meritor Mobile app provides a detailed portfolio of Meritor’s sales, maintenance and technical information in an intuitive and easy-to-use format. Users will now also have the ability to download the full version, which stores videos locally, or a smaller remote version, which only requires a fraction of the device storage capacity.

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