Camex to present new Low Rider model

Camex Equipment Sales & Rentals, a Canadian company specialised in innovative oilfield transportation, has announced the introduction of a new model for transporting oil and gas drilling rig components and construction equipment, the Low Rider Scissorneck.

With a deck height of thirty-six inches, the new model boasts the lowest deck height in the industry, according to Camex – all without compromising load capacity and features.

The Low Rider comes in tri-axle, four axle and five axle configurations, with capacities ranging from 40 to 70 tonnes. The working deck is eight and one-half feet wide by 53 feet in length and features a two inch oak construction for long life.

“Drilling rig equipment and components are getting larger and heavier and navigating them through existing road and highway infrastructure is a very challenging if not impossible task,” says Wally Taschuk, Director of Sales & Marketing.

“The Low Rider provides the solution to this problem by significantly lowering load heights as well as lowering the center of gravity for more stability and safety.”

The new trailer features an easy adjust two-position scissorneck complete with a full-width tapered pickup throat and extended length gooseneck with two king pin settings. The deck features a full-width non-ratcheting center lift roll plus two seven-inch pop-up split rolls at the rear of the main deck to facilitate and assist the unloading of large, heavy rig components.

Winching heavy loads onto the trailer is expedited by a larger heavy-duty ten and three quarter inch full-width tail roll complete with two sets of support rollers for extra strength and durability. Safety features include four swing-out wide load lights, dual rear strobe lights, fourteen pin pockets and twenty chain pockets. The four and five axle trailers feature airlift axles for less drag and tire wear when pulled empty or with a lighter load.

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