Australia’s work on modular B-triples recognised on a global stage

Australia's work on so-called 'modular B-triples' has achieved global recognition following a presentation by Matthieu Bereni, Senior Policy Analyst for Australia's National Transport Commission (NTC). 

At the annual Transportation Research Board (TRB) meeting in Washington DC, Mr Bereni delivered a presentation on modular B-triples during a lectern session on the impacts of Truck Size and Weight Policy Changes. Modular B-triples are constructed from a prime mover having a single steer axle and a tandem drive axle group towing three triaxle semi-trailers all connected by fifth-wheel couplings. The B-triple is a straightforward extension of the Australian B-double, obtained by the addition of another lead trailer.

Audience members quizzed Bereni on the impact of B-triples on bridges, as the USA only allow prime movers and semi-trailers with a maximum weight of just over 36 tonnes to travel interstate. According to Bereni, many participants were also interested in learning about Australia’s Performance Based Standards (PBS) methodology; a foreign concept to many other participants. “It is extremely encouraging to receive positive feedback on our work from global experts renowned in the transport industry,” he says.

During the TRB conference, Bereni also joined the annual AT55 Truck, Size and Weight committee meeting to discuss freight transport related themes for next year’s conference and met several North and South American officials.

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