Werner passes historical mile marker

US transport giant Werner Enterprises achieved annual earnings in excess of US$100 million for the first time in company history. The fourth quarter 2011 also was the eighth consecutive quarter in which Werner achieved year-over-year earnings growth in excess of 20 per cent, the company reported. 

“We are very appreciative of our customers’ support and sincerely thank all of our associates for their dedication, commitment and hard work in passing this mile marker on the road to improving results. With a comprehensive portfolio of superior service offerings, a newer truck fleet, an outstanding team of associates and a strong financial position, we are excited about the prospects for 2012 and beyond,” the company announced.

“Fourth quarter 2011 freight demand was better than fourth quarter 2010 and showed more traditional seasonal trends. Our freight demand progressively improved from September to December, before the normal seasonal decline which began during the second week of December. Our morning loads-to-trucks ratio was balanced for fourth quarter 2011 with a seasonal positive strengthening in November and early December. We continue to believe that favorable truckload demand trends are caused to a greater degree by supply side constraints limiting truckload capacity, as compared to growing demand generated by increased economic activity.”

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