SOLUS presents 10 new aerodynamic devices

US company SOLUS Solutions and Technologies has launched 10 new EPA and CARB certified products at the 2011 ATA Management Conference in Grapevine, Texas. 

Based on the designs of its engineer-founder, Richard Wood, SOLUS presented seven “Split Skirt” configurations that can provide fuel savings around 5 per cent, according to SOLUS.

The Split Skirt covers the gap usually found ahead of the trailer's sliding tandem when it's moved rearward, allowing easy access to the undercarriage for inspection.

“It provides excellent performance for all tandem positions and is structurally robust yet flexible to negotiate all obstacles,” says SOLUS.

In addition, SOLUS has created a Wheel Cavity Cover product that utilises NASA’s deep cavity flow control technology to achieve fuel savings of 1.3 per cent. The Wheel Cavity Cover allows unlimited access to the lug nut and axle oil lube level without removing the device.

All new products were mounted to the latest trailer design from US manufacturer Vanguard National.

Since 1997, SOLUS has been a leading advocate and developer of aerodynamic technology for the heavy truck trailer industry. Following the release of an initial set of five aerodynamic drag reduction technologies in 2006, the Virginia-based company spent the proceeding four years developing its next generation of green aerodynamic products which is now officially available.

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