Hidromas to enter Indian market

Turkish company Galipoglu Hidromas is setting up a manufacturing plant at Mahindra World City – India's first operational Special Economic Zone in Chennai – to capture Asia's hydraulics market.

Hidromas has recently gained renown as a global force in specialized hydraulic equipment, exporting to Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, South Korea, UK, USA, Germany, Libya, Saudi Arabia Iran, Syria and Iraq.

“We wanted to ramp up for the post-GFC upswing when times were still quiet,” says Hidromas Chairman, Mehmet Yasar Gül. “So I consulted friends all around the world and they encouraged me to invest in India. After some serious investigation we purchased a two-acre greenfield site in Chennai, which is close both Chennai Port and Ennore Port.”

In the first year of production, Hidromas will primarily target India’s domestic market. “In the following three years, our facility will grow to become the most important manufacturing plant for the entire Asia Pacific region,” Gül announces.

“We believe that the Chennai plant will be our most profitable subsidiary in next 20 years to come. We consider India our second home, hence we are not only here to invest, but to establish a lasting friendship.”

According to Indian magazine The Automotive Horizon, the new facility will manufacture 2000 hydraulic telescopic cylinders per month on a single shift basis, with an additional capacity of 400 cylinders per month to service India's ever-growing tipping trailer market.

Gül told the The Automotive Horizon that Hidromas will be competing in the market with Netherlands-based company Hyva. According to Gül, Hidromas’ strategy is based on competitive pricing and a vast product range.

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