Wabco reveals new technology for tyre pressure monitoring at ComTrans

Wabco unveiled a new technology for the integrated monitoring of tyre pressure at Russia’s largest commercial vehicle exhibition, ComTrans, which just took place in Moscow.

In combination with Wabco’s TrailerGuard technology, the new IVTM system is supposed to provide drivers and fleet operators with real-time tyre pressure information.  “Wabco’s latest technology for pressure monitoring is the industry’s only tyre information system of its kind,” says Jean-Christophe Figueroa, Wabco Vice President, Vehicle Control Systems. “Our new IVTM system increases the lifetime of tyres by up to 20 per cent. It fits all wheel sizes and all types of light, medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicles.”

According to Figueroa, it also improves vehicle safety as correct tyre inflation enables better road handling and shorter braking distance. In addition, it is said to detect slow leaks, which contribute to heat build-up, the cause of the majority of tyre failures.

The IVTM system consists of external wheel-mounted sensors that constantly measure tire pressure and wirelessly transmit data to an electronic control unit, which in turn displays real-time information and appropriate alerts on the truck’s dash-mounted display.

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