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From the October 2017 issue.

Global Trailer's inaugural OEM ranking, published to coincide with the 2016 IAA Commercial Vehicle Show in Germany, proved a worldwide success - so much so that it has now become an annual fixture on our editorial schedule.

In mid-2016, Global Trailer’s editorial team embarked on a journey into the unknown. In a world-first, it attempted to catalogue the world’s leading trailer manufacturing businesses and rank them by output, bringing a new level of transparency to an industry traditionally known for being fiercely discreet. The response to the inaugural listing was overwhelmingly positive, with many an OEM now using it is as a global performance benchmark and experts from around the world praising the Global Trailer research team for breaking through a psychological barrier long considered insurmountable.

While the first edition of our OEM ranking featured the world’s 30 leading manufacturers in celebration of the magazine’s 30th edition, Global Trailer opted for the more common top 20 format for the follow-up edition – with a surprising result: The global trailer building community has seen a fundamental change in dynamic in the space of a single year.

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