Tiger Trailers: Into the Wild

From the May 2017 issue.

Founded less than half a decade ago by two of the most prominent names in UK trailer building, Tiger Trailers has its eye on a top five position in the British transport equipment market.

Sitting down at the counter in his brother John’s kitchen on a cold spring evening in 2014, it dawned on Steven Cartwright that the time to rest was yet to come. In a shock announcement that made headlines across Europe, the two had just agreed to a management buy-out of the family’s 65-year-old trailer manufacturing business, The Cartwright Group – but it didn’t feel like a “final curtain” moment to him, as he likes to put it.

“It’s not easy to leave something behind that has been in the family for such a long time,” he recalls of the fateful family meeting. “We knew we had done the right thing – the original Cartwright business had grown to a point where strategic decision-making wasn’t entirely up to us anymore, and since we wanted to lead the company 100 per cent, leaving it was the right choice – regardless of what it may have looked like from the outside.

“But we loved our job too much to call it a day, and we didn’t want to cut our ties to the industry all of a sudden. We just knew it wasn’t the time to turn our back on our legacy.”

Too pragmatic in nature to dwell on the past for long, Cartwright says it soon became obvious that the brothers’ love affair with trailer building had to continue somehow – even if it meant starting all over again. “We quickly realised we had created a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to start anew,” Cartwright explains. “Overnight, we found ourselves in a position to establish a whole new OEM from scratch, without any pressure or legacy issues. So we sat around my brother’s dining table, brushed ourselves off and planned the first launch of a new British trailer brand since the 1990s. That night, Tiger Trailers was born.”

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