FTE: Unique by nature

From the March 2012 issue.

Australian boutique brand FTE has gained a solid repute as the country’s leading force in fibreglass-based trailer production

In Australia’s diverse road transport environment, build quality is the decisive factor in making a purchasing decision. But, quality is more than just the result of solid craftsmanship – it has become a viable management style.

There is a myriad of attributes that can make a mediocre product a successful one, such as ease of operation, purchase cost, safety, reliability, and warranty; and they all contribute to the perception of the product’s quality. In that sense, ‘quality’ is a characteristic affecting the entire corporate infrastructure, both on an individual and on a team level.

“Some companies have an outdated idea of quality and how to improve it. Managers think of quality as minimising defects, especially in production. But, customers evaluate quality based on the value of the entire offer,” says FTE General Manager, Marcus Reid, who has no false modesty talking about the company’s unique fibreglass design. “It’s the complete package.”

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