A master in Munich

From the August 2019 issue.

Since 1934, Kögel has manufactured more than 550,000 trailers. At Transport Logistic 2019, the trailer builder unveiled its latest manufacturing developments and telematics technologies.

With its commercial vehicles and solutions for freight-forwarding companies and the construction industry, the company has been providing ‘Made in Germany’ engineering quality for more than 85 years. During this period, it has maintained its passion for transport and innovation, enabling it to offer proven, long-lasting added value to freight-forwarding companies.

At this year’s Transport Logistic trade fair held in Munich, Germany,  Kögel presented two trailers. One was a new variant of the Kögel Trucker Trailer (KTT), which is reported to be the outcome of an opinion poll that Kögel conducted with professional drivers at the Truck Grand Prix, the Wolfsmeile festival and at motorway services. Kögel asked what makes the perfect trailer for truckers? At the trade fair, the KTT was fitted with the Kögel FastSlider quick opening and closing system. With this system, Kögel responded to drivers’ needs for shorter loading times and provided a quicker, easier and safer handling method for both loading and unloading. Many other optional helpful functions round off the NOVUM generation trailer, which has been adapted in line with drivers’ requirements.

The newly developed lightweight semi-trailer container chassis with a central extension also made an appearance at the show. The Kögel Port 45 Triplex made its début at IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018. For transport logistic 2019, Kögel’s engineers fine-tuned the chassis for an even lower tare weight. With a tare weight of just 4,450kg in its basic form, a technical gross weight of 41,000kg and a fifth-wheel load of 14,000 kg, the container chassis is said to be ideal for transporting 20’, 30’, 40’ and 45’ ISO containers as well as 40’ and 45’ Highcube containers.

The OEM’s third exhibit at Transport Logistic 2019 was the new NOVUM-generation Kögel Cargo Rail. This rail-loadable variant also has the optimised external frame profile and the improved body that characterises the NOVUM generation. As well as making the Kögel Cargo Rail even more robust, these features simplify handling in daily use. In addition, the Kögel Cargo Rail of the NOVUM generation features a high level of customisation possibilities, and can be adapted to the specific requirements of forwarding companies. With a low tare weight starting from 6,350kg in the basic version, it is reported to be cost-effective to drive, too.

To complement its trailer building acumen, Kögel brought its telematics technology to the fore.

The Kögel Trailer Telematics Module (KTTM), combined with the Electronic Braking System (EBS) modulator, a cooling unit, or an optional tyre monitoring system delivers essential data about the semi-trailer’s operating state. The Kögel Telematics web portal can be used to evaluate this data as needed.

Kögel Telematics is available for all vehicles in the Kögel product portfolio. Depending on the trailer type, there are different telematics packages with various data transfer options, optional hardware equipment and pricing.

Kögel Telematics is also available as a retrofit. This enables operators to retrofit Kögel telematics in existing fleet vehicles.

Fast Fact
The company headquarters and main production facility of Kögel Trailer are located in the Bavarian town of Burtenbach. Kögel also has factories and offices in Ulm (Germany), Duingen (Germany), Chocen (Czech Republic), Verona (Italy), Kampen (Netherlands) and Moscow (Russia).

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