Ekeri delivers trailer spec’d for transporting hazardous materials

From the December 2018 issue.

Freight business, Logistical Support Services, has taken delivery of its sixth ADR EXIII Ekeri semi-trailer, which is certified to cart explosives, ammunition and fireworks.

Ekeri salesman, Robert Wise, said this ADR configuration includes side doors on both sides which means that loading and unloading can be carried out from both sides, and is therefore easier to achieve full loads and avoid driving empty.

“The multi-access side-opening and robust construction combine to give us fast loading and guaranteed load-security for the high-value goods we transport throughout Europe,” according to Logistical Support Services.

“Our Ekeri trailers are hard wearing, virtually maintenance-free and without doubt, surpass any other build standard we have seen.”

In July, Ekeri delivered a side-opening trailer to UK-based gas cylinder management specialist, Synergy Recycling, to ensure safe, secure cartage of dangerous goods.

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