Werner Enterprises: The sky is the limit

From the June 2013 issue.

In an uncertain economic climate, US road transport giant Werner Enterprises has found a way to turn intricacy into accretion.

Managing a transport business in a volatile, globalised and hyper-connected age is a daunting task, especially if based in an economy as crisis-ridden as the US. On the flipside, the idea that an individual – or even a company – is in control of its own destiny has a long history in American culture too, and so it is not surprising that Werner Enterprises has learned to make a virtue of necessity. Based in Omaha, Nebraska, the company braved the most recent economic storm and continued on building a global transport business.

To understand the company spirit, though, one has to go back in time. More than half a century ago, 19-year-old Clarence L. Werner – today known as C.L. only – went to Omaha to work in a factory, but soon found the trucking industry much more interesting. He sold his car to buy a gas-powered Ford F800 truck and started hauling freight in the area, specialising in cargo that was exempt from regulatory restrictions, such as grain. Ever since, C.L. built the company one truck at a time, focusing on regional Nebraska first and foremost.

Today, Werner has grown to become one of the top five transport businesses in the US, boasting a diversified portfolio that includes dedicated van, temperature-controlled and flatbed; medium-to-long-haul, regional and local van; as well as expedited services under the one roof.

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