Röskes: Hot off the press

From the July 2013 issue.

When it comes transporting paper, German specialist Röskes is doesn't compromise on transport equipment.

Peter Röskes, third-generation manager of the eponymous family business, has grown up in the paper transport industry and cut his teeth on that special trade since his childhood, making him one of the few acclaimed expert in Europe.

According to Röskes, industrial paper rolls are “sensitive heavyweights” only a highly specialised fleet can handle. Weighing in at five tonnes or more, they make for an extremely heavy and concentrated load and require great care as they can be damaged easily. Not to mention the complex load restraint necessary and the just-in-time mantra of the media industry. 

On that account, the German-based logistics expert is quite particular about the transport equipment bearing the long-standing family name. Most recently, he teamed up with German trailer expert Krone to develop the new generation of the company’s Paper Liner Ultra model, assisting Krone with hands-on advice from start to finish.

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