Noske: Power to the people

From the July 2012 issue.

Nurturing its talent has helped Australia’s Noske Logistics, become an elite name within the transport industry.

Managing a transport business in a volatile, hyper-connected age is a daunting task, especially in a marketplace as competitive as the Australian one. But, local transport company, Noske Logistics, has learned to make a virtue of necessity and used the uncertain environment to form a thriving transport business spanning the entire continent.

Established in 2005, the Melbourne-based business has established itself amongst Australia’s transport elite in less than a decade, but according to far-famed CEO, Tony Noske, the journey has only just begun.

To grasp the full story of the silver and navy blue fleet, it is vital to understand Noske’s role in the domestic transport industry. Regarded across the country, he has spent 40 years in the industry, and at the risk of hyperbole, he’s pretty much seen it all. After building, running, and eventually selling successful trucking company, Kalari, Tony Noske retired in 1995 – only to be enticed back into the business when his unrivalled expertise was needed.

The result of that post-retirement partnership is today’s Noske Logistics – a young, fast-growing logistics firm specialised in bulk haulage. Only seven years old, Noske’s fledgling truck business is turning over a good profit operating in excess of 200 heavy vehicles and associated assets.

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