Frigo-Trans embraces telematics

From the February 2015 issue.

An integrated approach to telematics has helped German company Frigo-Trans tap into the full potential of the new technology.

The transportation of pharmaceuticals on the road is a multi-billion euro business only highly specialised companies are willing to take on, as even a subtle temperature change can be a serious threat to the integrity of an entire load.

German company Frigo-Trans is one such expert business. Located in the town of Fußgönheim, some 100km south of Frankfurt am Main, it is specialised in servicing the healthcare industry and has gained vast experience in handling the complex logistics processes behind the transportation and handling of modern medicine.

Telematics has arguably been the most impactful tool to enter the Frigo-Trans business over the past decade, says Shareholder Walter Buchholz, right alongside more efficiently insulated transport equipment. The integration of different systems, however, has been an on-going issue ever since the first GPS tracking unit was installed in a Frigo-Trans truck, and it took Buchholz and his team until recently to find a solution that would allow them to fully tap into the technology’s potential.

According to Buchholz, Frigo-Trans had been using a whole variety of telematics systems before, not only on the company’s 80-strong trailer fleet – mainly for temperature monitoring – but also on each truck, most often a vehicle-specific solution. A third group of systems had been in use to support the drivers and connect them with head office.

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