Fresh from the dairy

From the March 2015 issue.

Australian fleet Milkflow is marketing itself as a “unique alternative” to the competition – a philosophy that has flowed right through to its on-highway equipment.

Trevor Illman and his family formed Milkflow in 1995, aiming to provide innovative logistics solutions to the local milk transport market. Since then, the company has grown to be one of the largest bulk milk carriers in the vast state of South Australia and is now known for running a high-tech fleet that was solely created to service the demanding bulk liquid market.

High-tech European trucks have always been a key building block of the Milkflow fleet, with Swedish brand Scania recently taking the lead. Illman and the team at Milkflow started off trialling the Scania R580 model a while back and then upgraded to the SCR-based R560 range, before eventually changing to the R620 series. Most able, the company upgraded to the top of the range 730hp rating as the fleet is now almost exclusively performing B-double work.

The main reason to opt for the maximum horsepower rating, however, was to decrease the fleet’s average point-to-point running time. According to Illman, the 3,500Nm of torque available from the 730 series were instrumental in shaving some 20 minutes off a standard trip.

“At the end of the day, we decided to try more horsepower to get the job done in less time,” explains Matt Williamson, Milkflow’s Fleet Manager, adding ‘the job’ can involve running both fully loaded or empty, going at slow speeds on rough farm access roads or acclerating up through the gears, as well as idling with the PTO pumps loading milk into the trailers – a solid sample of the work each vehicle is performing every day.

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