Coeur: A heart for road transport

From the September 2012 issue.

For almost a century, the stylised blue heart of the Coeur fleet has been a common sight on every French highway.

Established in 1926, Coeur – French for ‘Heart’ – started out with a fleet of horse-drawn carts before it ventured into the motorised transport market in the 1950s. Still based in Merville, a small town in northern France, it can now boast more horse power than ever before and operates anywhere between Paris, London and Berlin – upholding the family tradition of hard work, versatility and flexibility, even in a time of economic turmoil.

Considering the distinct name, it is no surprise that each of the 30 company trucks is still bearing the blue and green heart on the bonnet. What’s more, each family member working in the company has a heart for transport as well.

Second generation Director, Jean-Pierre Coeur, for instance, has been retired for a year already, but he is still working as a consultant to support his sons, who now run the company. Almost every day, he can be found at his desk, keeping in touch with old customers and occasionally even taking place behind the wheel of a truck if someone is needed on a short route in the surrounding area.

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