World Champion Trailer

From the September 2014 issue.

In mid-July, Germany’s national football team celebrated its 2014 World Cup triumph by parading the 18-carat gold trophy through a cheering crowd in Berlin. The ‘topless’ team truck was the result of a smart marketing ploy.

The notion that only high risk will yield a high return is the bedrock of modern finance, but it has hardly ever had a bearing on Germany’s somewhat conservative trailer manufacturing scene. All the more surprising was the proposal Krone’s Marketing Manager Ingo Lübs put forward after Germany’s national football team beat Brazil 7:1 in the most memorable semi-final of World Cup history.

Lübs and truck OEM Mercedes-Benz, a long-time sponsor of the German Football Association (DFB), had come up with the idea of developing an oversized convertible that would carry the team around Berlin in case they would make the dream of a fourth World Cup title come true.

“It was a risky idea given the investment involved, but we believed the exposure would easily outdo any marketing ploy the trailer industry has ever seen,” Lübs says. “Who would have thought Krone was willing to go with it?”

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