Gearing up for Oktoberfest

From the September 2015 issue.

With the world’s largest annual beer festival nearing, Germany’s breweries are going into overdrive. To celebrate the occasion, GT looks back at how Paulaner managed a historic move last year.

Boutique beer-loving locals are regularly surprised to learn just how well known the long-standing Paulaner brand is internationally. Now producing at an industrial scale, the company has made a name for itself well beyond the annual Oktoberfest hype and is representing the fine art of Bavarian brewing in over 70 countries around the world.

Located at the heart of Munich “am Nockherberg”, the company has been operating from the same facility since 1634 – making it the only local brewery to never move from its original location. But the tradition is about to be broken. Now surrounded by the town’s ever-sprawling CBD, room is becoming too tight for Paulaner to expand – forcing it to relinquish its home site and move to new premises on the outskirts of the bustling Bavarian capital.

Physically moving a century-old brewery won’t be a walk in the park though, especially since tradition is weighing heavily on the new management team. To ensure the brand’s story of success will not be cut short, it therefore planned each step of the process with great thought, care and consideration, saying it won’t be before 2016 that each item on the extensive to-do list will be ticked off.

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