Curtain sider: The best of two worlds

From the June 2015 issue.

In the cold light of the day, the curtain sided trailer is a close relative of the common van – except that the sides are movable curtains made of reinforced fabric coated with a waterproof layer. But at a second glance, it is a promising approach to tackling the growing freight task.

It is safe to say that the concept of swapping a static sidewall for a flexible curtain originated in Great Britain in 1969. Congleton based company Boalloy turned the local market’s eyes to the new concept with the patenting of the “strap in a sheath” design, which added both strength and durability to the curtain sided lorry design used before.

The market was slow to accept and understand the new configuration, although the benefit soon became obvious. Due to the movable curtain, it was now possible to unload freight from each side of the trailer. In addition, operators did not need to cover exposed freight anymore, reducing the risk of damaged cargo and injury.

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