One man’s vision

From the August 2014 issue.

Automotive salesman Arnold Kioko Muthui, 30, from Kenya caused a stir in the design community when he came out with a futuristic concept truck called Vayro in 2010.

When South Africa emerged from the apartheid era in the mid-1990s, it was common to hear a plea to the world not to forget Africa simply because the apartheid battle was finished. Back then, “not forgetting Africa” largely meant international aid. Fortunately, that postcolonial view is now outmoded, as the West is learning how to interact with the African continent in a more productive way. 

Nairobi-born Arnold Kioko Muthui is the perfect example of how much Africa has to give back to the world. Growing up in the US, he returned to Kenya to attend high school and later studied in South Africa before dropping out of college to pursue a career in the trucking industry. Ever since, he has worked as a graphic designer for a global truck brand, as a fleet statistician, and for a multinational vehicle dealer as a sales representative – unknowingly shaping the face of Africa’s young, aspiring transport industry.

Today, Muthui is busy building his own business, Commercial Vehicle Concepts Limited. While aimed at bringing cost-effective technology to the vast and varied continent that can help the local commercial road transport industry address pressing issues like fuel siphoning, Muthui’s vision goes far beyond selling off-the-shelf componentry.

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