New Tip on the block

From the June 2014 issue.

Australian company Air Tip has revealed a bold re-interpretation of the traditional side-tipper design.

Smart, clean and lightweight,” is all Clarke Petrick, CEO of newly established trailer brand, Air Tip, will say when asked to summarise what the company’s only model is all about – yet the true story behind it is much more complex.

A geo physicist by trade, truck driving in remote Australia has always been Petrick’s secret passion – yet the bulky design of most side-tippers on the market kept irritating him. “Especially the hydraulic tipping mechanism was a thorn in my side,” he says. “It’s complicated, dirty and not very friendly to the environment. Plus, you needed a PTO-equipped prime mover to be able to use it, which can be a real restriction in rural Australia.” 

Back in 2010, Petrick therefore decided to go back to the drawing board and create a more efficient, less complicated design that would finally wave the old hydraulic system goodbye.

“Removing the oil infrastructure was the main goal at the beginning,” he recalls. “If you don’t need a PTO, you can save on both set up and maintenance cost while bringing more flexibility to the fleet. No truck will need a hydraulic pump or hydraulic oil tank anymore.”

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