European Modular Systems: The new wave

From the February 2015 issue.

In Europe, a team of industry experts and scientists is working on a new generation of high productivity vehicles that could give the transport industry a new competitive edge.

Commercial road transport is a serious business, with developments going on right now that could change the industry for good.

Mega trends like climate change and the growing scarcity of resources will change our approach to on-road transportation and force us to search for new ways to make freight movement more efficient. What’s more, cities will grow and urbanisation will increase, which will add to the pressure we already face.

The answer could be found in intermodal transportation and what we call European Modular Systems (EMS). While intermodal transport means that at least two modes of transport (road, rail, water etc.) are combined to transport the same loading unit, EMS refers to the combination of existing loading units (20, 40 and 45’’ containers, semi-trailers, swap bodies) – resulting in longer, and sometimes heavier, vehicle combinations we refer to as ‘multiples’ and have focused our research on. But, is Europe ready for them?


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