Wabco: Intelligent investment

From the December 2011 issue.

Belgian company, Wabco, is a forward-thinking enterprise that foresaw the challenges inherent in a slow and straining recovery.

Despite the European debt crisis, global trailer demand bounced back during 2011. But, the upturn is still fragile and ‘secure growth’ is the mantra being repeated on every executive floor around the world. To this end, the key question is how to maximise profit without sacrificing quality.

Belgian company, Wabco, is one forward-thinking enterprise that foresaw and catered for the challenges inherent in a slow and straining recovery process long ago and devised a plan that could be implemented when signs of rising demand began to emerge.

“We chose a truly holistic approach, leveraging innovation, new technology and a powerful network of talented people around the globe,” says Christiaan Verschueren, Business Enterprise Leader for Wabco Trailer Systems.

It is an enviable example of corporate realisation that economic cycles will inevitably roll through highs and lows. Wabco’s proactive planning approach is based on ensuring that leadership in technology and innovation remain as its core strategy. “We invent and continuously improve technology and services and we bring them to market ahead of the curve,” Verschueren says.

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