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From the July 2014 issue.

Telematics is not new to the commercial road transport industry and will continue to bring more transparency to the market. But with more and more raw data available, the industry will need help to make sense of it all.

The 2014 Mid-America Truck Show in Louisville and the International Truck, Trailer & Equipment Show in Melbourne have indicated a growing need for next generation telematics technology that is capable of bringing the ‘big data’ trend to the road transport world. But only the IAA Commercial Vehicle Show in Germany, to be held at the end of September, will be able to give us the complete picture, as many a key player will wait until then to demonstrate what they are really capable of.

With less than three months to go until the European showdown, what we do know is that that most of them will focus on three future growth areas – freight tracking, fuel efficiency and fleet management – effectively making telematics the hottest topic of 2014. After all, it’s not for no reason that Melbourne’s Show Director, Clint Hendry, predicted in April, “Given the prevalence of tracking technology on show in Melbourne, it’s safe to say that the telematics trend has finally reached critical mass.” 

According to Hendry, next-generation control systems that allow for automatic vehicle identification, instant fleet management, incident detection and hours-of-service control are the dernier cri in Oceania, North America and Europe – not just because they can help transport businesses react to growing compliance pressure, but also because they can assist them in increasing cost transparency.

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