Analysing the global air suspension market

From the September 2011 issue.

In the contested global air suspension market, the post-recession race for market share has now begun.

Predicting developments of the global air suspension market is more of a guessing game than ever before. While the post-recession race for market share has begun and the entire industry is vying for pole position, the question is whether the current contest can really shake the long-established balance of power?

In the ever-changing and increasingly global trailer business environment, only one fact is unshakeable – how a company performs in the vast US market will be the decider on a weal or woe outcome. Take the suspension sector, where the US scene is dominated by American companies, Hendrickson and Meritor. And, neither of them is intending to cede any of its territory any time soon.

The two control almost 90 per cent of the air suspension market, followed by German corporation, SAF-Holland, which has just introduced a new air suspension family of products in North America. Snapping at their heels are US company Watson & Chalin, Europe’s VDL Weweler and China’s Fuwa, who are poised to try and win a slice of the pie.

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