Lucidity: The quest for value

From the November 2013 issue.

Generating value is important to Taiwanese company, Lucidity, a company supremely focused on maximising its market potential.

There is no denying that profit is important for any commercial organisation. It is the oxygen of a company; it keeps the organisation alive and allows it to sustain and grow. But businesses around the world increasingly search for an alternative way to measure success. One option is to look at success from a value creation perspective – given that creating value is arguably the most important objective of any company, regardless of industry, cultural background or size. But value is also the hardest variable to define. How does a business create value? And, does the product or service it is offering create value in return, helping the organisation execute its strategy, realise its vision and eventually fulfil its mission?

One example of a corporation with a strong value generation focus is Taiwanese lighting specialist Lucidity. In the course of a global expansion strategy, the company from Taiwan attached great importance to cultivating a value creation process that would benefit every entity involved in the supply chain. 

In that sense, Lucidity has adapted quite a contemporary perspective on success management, one that is approaching the value creation concept from a networking side, which is not necessarily based on market capitalisation, net present value of expected dividend streams or share price anymore.

According to Toby Hatch, Senior Principal, Performance Management Applications at IT giant Oracle, looking at value creation from a shareholder perspective may be the most tangible approach, but not necessarily the only one.

“But because something is easy to measure doesn’t mean that it is the right measure of success.”

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