Fuwa’s intrepid investment

From the September 2011 issue.

In the global trailer scene, Fuwa’s new production site in Taishan may be the most talked about facility ever built.

Fuwa’s new production site in Taishan may be the most talked about axle manufacturing facility in the world. It is twice as big as the Vatican City State and packed full of high-technology sourced from around the globe; marking the pinnacle of China’s economic growth. And, it does not even work at full steam.

When it first entered the global trailing equipment scene in 1997 as the manufacturer of a one-piece axle beam, Chinese company, Fuwa, could have been seen as just another low-profile mass-producer. The new design was different to the industry standard; and just as with every new brand, Fuwa had to fight for attention.

However, once the forged axle beam hit the road and proved to be a viable alternative to the classic welded design, Fuwa made it onto the industry’s up-and-coming list. Ever since, it has become one of the most influential manufacturers of trailing equipment in the world, dominating the Asian transport scene and eying the world market. Between its start date and through to 2007, Fuwa’s output steadily increased to 2,500 axles per day.

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