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From the December 2014 issue.

There is a silent revolution going on in the global landing leg market as savvy businessmen rediscover the segment’s inherent growth potential. Have we ignored the old buttress for too long?

Used to raise a trailer’s nose to match the fifth wheel height or to rest the unhooked vehicle upon, the landing leg is an unsung hero of the transport equipment market. Although it is a vital part of each and every articulated vehicle and a key element to ensure a seamless exchange of trailing equipment, it’s still widely perceived as a commodity item.

One reason for that poor perception may be the landing leg’s unobtrusive appearance. Consisting of a hollow steel beam with a square or round foot and a folding or detachable crank handle on the side, the potential for innovation seemed limited for a long time. But that image is now about to change, as companies from around the globe continue to invest in next generation technology that could see the landing leg transform from a simple reinforcement tool into a viable safety feature.

One hot topic is the automation of the lifting and lowering process. As tendering is becoming more and more competitive, hand actuated equipment is increasingly considered a safety threat – prompting companies from around the globe to invest in the development of an automated alternative.

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