BPW’s results don’t lie

From the November 2014 issue.

Just like IBM has gone from manufacturing adding machines to inventing the PC to earning the majority of its revenue from services, BPW’s new Global Head of Sales has set out to turn the German family business into a high-tech hub.

It doesn’t take long to be swayed by Carlo Lazzarini’s enthusiasm for the BPW brand, a globally renowned specialist for axle and suspension technology based in the west of Germany. After being part of the Executive Board for less than a year, he has fully immersed himself in the BPW culture, traveling the globe to understand just how high the expectations really are when the legendary blue-and-white logo is in play.

But there’s more to it than just devotion to the job. Lazzarini has a set himself an ambitious goal. He will help turn BPW into a company that not only provides individual products and solutions, but also tailored customer services – combining cutting-edge telematics solutions with intelligent running gear systems and trailer components to increase customer value.

Q: Mr Lazzarini, businesses supplying the automotive industry have their work cut out by on-going technological advancement, over-regulation and globalisation. What drew you to BPW in such a shifting environment?
A: When I first learned about BPW in 2013, I was immediately fascinated by how they managed to combine a long and proud tradition with innovation leadership. The Board knew that consistent performance was not enough to perpetuate itself, which really left an impression on me.
I too believe that to keep a multinational organisation like BPW relevant, leadership must heed the reinvention imperative. It was when we started discussing how BPW could add value by developing a complete mobility solution that I felt like I wanted to be part of the journey.

Q: What will that journey look like?
A: Our journey will see BPW add a whole range of services to the product-focused business. Of course the product itself and its quality will still be at the heart of everything we do, that’s a given. But today’s transport businesses are looking for a different kind of partner, someone who can actively help them optimise transport and loading processes. OEMs, on the other hand, are looking for someone who can help them streamline production processes and professionalise. The BPW we envision can help both. Naturally, change is a complex process and can’t be achieved overnight, but that’s what our customers want.

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