City Challenge

Urbanisation has earned buzzword status. As the world’s cities face ever-increasing congestion, pedestrian traffic and mounting delivery demand, can a new generation of trailers help ease the pressure?

  • Finland’s Ekeri Trailers reveals record sales

    Post-Brexit, Finnish trailer manufacturer Ekeri Trailer has reported record-sales of its side-opening trailers, one of which will be on display at the upcoming CV Show in Birmingham.

  • E-commerce forces Japan to restructure parcel delivery

    The Japanese government has introduced a number of new initiatives aiming to answer the logistics challenges facing the country's severe truck driver shortage.

  • US study finds twin 33-foot trailers will boost LTL efficiency

    A new study found that increasing the standard length of a US twin trailer by 1.5m could take half a million cars of the road and reduce shipping costs by €2.4 billion.

  • SDC reveals trailer line up for Birmingham Show

    SDC Trailers has given a sneak peek at the equipment it will be showcasing at the CV Show in Birmingham next month, placing special focus on trends such as urbanisation and high productivity vehicle design.

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